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May 25th, 2015
12:29 pm
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Bank Holiday Monday
Numfar is burbling at me, she has just had a spat with CBC in the garden and is most disgruntled. I more than suspect that she is after my chair!

Well she can have it soon as I have to hang laundry on the line and am then considering a trip to Lavenham as I'm out of cow carrots and the alternative of feeding them on apples is a bit costly.

I was very clear that I was happy to volunteer for one stint over the Bank Holiday weekend to help with the village art show. I'm therefore not entirely sure how, having done my three hours yesterday, I just got roped into turning up at 4PM this afternoon to help with the takedown Ah well, virtue is its own reward, or something.

I feel idle today. I have had a brief whizz round to put the house to rights and I've pulled a few weeds out in the garden and shall get my secateurs out soon and tackle some brambles but I'm content to drift today. I'm planning to see if I can get yet another long weekend next week; Flagrante needs servicing so I could get that done on Monday and then Tuesday is our wedding anniversary; After that it's going to be busy busy busy at work so it makes sense to get a little bit of leave in while I can.

Two out of three of the dresses I was bidding for on Ebay went higher than I was prepared to bid but I got the third. It wasn't my favourite of the three but will be useful for work, a simple dark blue broderie anglaise summer dress with a V neck, belted waist and full circular skirt, very 1950's and, with postage, only £12 so that's a bargain. It's sleeveless which is an issue but I have some cropped short sleeved cardies and can wear one with it for work. I do love East dresses and keep an eye on Ebay because their shop prices are too rich for my wallet.


Must get the laundry out and then potter into Lavenham; hope the Bank Holiday crowds aren't too numerous or parking could be an issue.

Oh n other news Christy and I are taking a trip into London on June 20th to join an anti austerity march. I will doubtless do no good but if nothing you do matters then all that matters is what you do.

E.T.A The good thing about cutting brambles and nettles is that your wheelbarrow fills quickly which is always great for morale; on the flip side, despite leather gauntlets OUCH! Two wheelbarrow loads later the Beech hedge and the area under the Yew tree are both looking much better but my arms look like I lost a fight with an especially angry ferret!

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May 23rd, 2015
12:13 pm
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An Unexpected Excursion
The Boy has apparently fallen in love with a painting of some otters at the village art show. He didn't want to buy it without my seeing it first and didn't think to reserve it so it seems that, despite the fact that I'm volunteering at said art show for much of tomorrow, I am about to be taken to the art show very shortly for fear that said painting is sold before we get there. Ah well, a nice walk isn't a bad idea on a Saturday morning.

In other news the postie brought me some hot chocolate flavoured e liquid which, unlike the others I've tried, actually tastes of hot chocolate so I've just ordered some more.

Plus I'm " watching" three rather nice summer dresses from East on Ebay ( all in the fresh blue and white prints I like for summer) I will try to bid in order to get one of them but they all end at the same time so that's the kind of gamble which could lead to an expensive weekend :)

Taking a gentle day as we're out this evening celebrating my Brother in Law's birthday and their 40th wedding anniversary with dinner at a hotel in long Melford, the same hotel in which I was living and working when, 33 years ago, The Boy walked in and my life took a rather unexpected but fortuitous detour.

OK, off with the detour to see the otters; heaven knows where I'll find space to hang the picture, let's hope it's a small one!

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May 17th, 2015
11:11 am
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Garden Spam
Photos taken before we started this morning's lawnmowing/ strimming/ general tidying session so the garden is looking a bit wild and shaggy but I rather like that

Side lawn
 photo garden 20_zpsf9qfnjid.jpg

Lots of picturesCollapse )

And now off to tidy it all up!

I may add some " after" shots but I really rather love the wild growth of this time of year

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May 16th, 2015
04:28 pm
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Waiting for The Washing Machine To Finish
So, it's been a weary week, fatigued and low on oomph and it seemed sensible to take a steady weekend but I started pottering this morning and have only just stopped.. somehow I went from tidying and hoovering to washing skirting boards and from that to gardening.

I've tidied up the terrace clearing away plant pots whose contents did not survive the winter, broken solar lanterns and other oompgah. I've put three of the garden chairs aside for mending , done some weeding, planted two Pheasant plants and a chrysanthemum and finished off with the year's first- lounge on the lawn on a blanket with a book and a cool drink- session. I've stuck my nose in the Lilac blossoms and inhaled deeply, re-tied the climbing roses and honeysuckle and clematis and dealt with yet morre Ground Elder, Goosegrass and Creeping Buttercup. Then I took a potter into Lavenham because I couldn't be bothered to shop yesterday and was out of apples, cow carrots and sparkling water ( I get through gallons of the stuff). Now I'm waiting for the last load of laundry to finish and keeping my fingers crossed that I have time to get it hung out and line dried.

Numfar is sprawled on the carpet basking in the sunshine, CBC is sprawled on the drive doing likewise, every window in he house is open and a small vase of Bluebells is scenting the air
( I am lucky enough to have Bluebells in the garden; of course I'd never pick them from the wild) . Every year I regret that I can't have a big vase of Lilac in the house but if I did my Gran would rotate in her grave; she considered it unlucky to bring Lilac into the house.. and talking of Gran, her Peony is about to bloom. I transplanted it here after Granddad died and it took a few years to settle in but is doing brilliantly now and reminds me so of Gran and Granddad's little house and garden.

Work felt like hard going this week, I was not at my sparking best... lovely a the weekend was late nights, fast food and alcohol messed up my pacing and it takes me longer and longer to bounce back these days but hey, sometimes it's worth it and I'm back into routine and perking up nicely now.

I'm sitting here trying to convince myself that the housework and gardening are enough exercise for one day but I know that I really must run through the exercise routine soon. I've been really good since Christmas at working our 6 days a week and it only takes half an hour to run through the stretches,pulse raisers and finally the upper arm toning with 1KG weights.. it keeps me supple and mobile and improves my balance, strength and cooordinaton and I'm sure that half of my problem this week is due to my skimping on it while Mum and John were here and over the weekend.

As soon as that laundry is done I shall get moving... at times like tis I miss my little Twin Tub which would do a full load in 15 minutes, the new machines are less hassle but take an age!

In other news I'm greatly enjoying my latest online course " Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life" It's run via The University of Nottingham via Futurelearn which is part of the OU and there are 11,000 learners all over the world, the online discussions are fascinating.

Happy Saturday all

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May 11th, 2015
11:41 am
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A Day Off
And I'm getting through the laundry and other housework but at a gentle pace after a weekend which contained too little sleep, too much alcohol, all the wrong food at the wrong times of day and night but also some much needed fun, especially after the terrible horrible no good election results on Thursday/Friday.

I shan't be able to catch up on LJ or elsewhere s point me at anything that I've missed.

The sun is shining and I'm hopeful of getting the bedlinen from the spare room dried on the line. Mum and John go back tomorrow and are staying with my elder sister until then but it was lovely to have them here for a couple of days before I went away.

Right, this will not do, I must tidy and hoover.

On another note I start my latest online course today, Propaganda and Ideology.. seems appropriate!

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May 10th, 2015
09:32 pm
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Home again
A weekend away was just what I needed.

But it's lovely to be home!

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May 8th, 2015
12:43 pm
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I won't deny that I'm gutted. However there is one small consolation. Unlike in 2010 when my vote for the Lib Dems was a sign that I naively believed they offered some alternative to " Who are you and what have you done to the labour Party?" my vote this time went to Miliband who had the courage to stand up to the Murdoch press and deal with the vilest Tory and Press campaign I've ever seen .

I felt in some measure responsible for the past five years because my vote had enabled it; I feel no such responsibility now. I voted with my conscience and I picked the losing side but I do not and never will believe that I picked the wrong side.

So I shall continue to work to mitigate some of the damage which is going to be inflicted on those least able to cope with it. This country is better than this, it deserves better. There may be a Tory government but there are also many who believe in a more fair, equal and just future. Their voices are being drowned out right now in ridicule and triumphalism but those voices will not go away. Some of those who lost seats and/or ministerial positions last night will, I hope be freed up to tell the truth and blow some whistles.

Meanwhile Government is local as well as national; I shall continue to make my voice and my views heard because that's the right thing to do; think globally, act locally and if nothing else, have the contentment which comes with a clear conscience.

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May 2nd, 2015
02:19 pm
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A Three Day Weekend
Oh great joy and bliss!

Weather looks set to be not good but that's usual for Bank Holidays

And an even shorter week next week because I'm taking another long weekend break

French side of the family arrive Tuesday so this weekend is a mix of relaxation and preparation.

I think that my team have been watching too much election coverage I got an email this afternoon quoting me as saying that if a certain task was achieved on time and on target I would buy cream cakes for the team. The team wished to inform me that, the terms and conditions having been met, cream cakes were now required. My defence that I had indeed promised cream cakes but not specified a timeline and had always intended to phase them in over a five year period thereby fulfilling my pledge by 2020 was met with a threat to occupy the kitchen until such time as the promised cream cakes were delivered. I went out and bought cream cakes.

I need to do some weeding but it's chilly and I'm not in the mood! However the weeds are very much in the mood so I don't have a lot of choice in the matter.

Yesterday the kettle went on strike, today the fridge decided to defrost itself. My household appliances are mutinying!

Right I'm rambling on again

Happy Saturday all!

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April 25th, 2015
02:03 pm
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Good afternoon!
The morning went in a housecleaning spree and yesterday went in very pleasant pottering, a rare and much needed day off!

The afternoon looks overcast and gloomy so the garden must wait and I have time to update.

Not a lot to update really; work is crazy busy but at least I've finished that wretched course; however all of my spare time is currently going on following the election so I've shamefully neglected LJ and Facebook an this will I fear be the pattern until May 7th. This is such a crucial election.

CBC has a big gash behind one ear and isn't my biggest fan right now because I have to keep cleaning and annointing it but it's healing cleanly luckily.

And the french side of the family arrive week after next to meet our new great niece who was born last week; I shall have to behave myself and try not to get into political arguments with my mother; I shall fail!

I have signed up to another online course ( with FutureLearn,a partnership between the Open University and Various other UK universities; the course I just finished was with Newcastle Uni); Anyway the new course is leading to some deeply sinister looking messages in my inbox " Welcome to Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life- can you spare a minute?"
Actually I've always been interested in how propaganda works and the course seems to fit in well with the current political climate (" FEAR THE SCOTS!! FEAR THEM..NO! YOU'RE NOT SCARED ENOUGH FEAR THEM MORE THAN THAT!!!!).Anyone would think that the Scots were marauding along the borders rather than exercising their democratic right to vote in a general election and ( shock horror) be represented in parliament. Seriously the course looks really interesting and I'm looking forward to getting started.

Happy Saturday all

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April 18th, 2015
10:36 am
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Soon I Shall Make a Start
I've done the pre-clean tidy but it's more than high time that I started on the actual cleaning and honesty compels me to admit that I'm really not in the mood; however it must be done as the daily chores have been sadly skimped this week, partly thorough idleness and partly because I was more than a bit battered and bruised after that fall.

But today it must and shall be done.. f I can just get off the computer and stop obsessing over the election news! Honestly I'm on tenterhooks and don't know how I'll get through to May 7th. what this government have done to disabled people, the low paid, the vulnerable, the health service and infrastructure in five years is horrific and yet there are people who believe that it's all necessary cos of the economy!

I despair

Anyway if you're in the UK and not yet registered to vote get your arse in gear and register.. you only have today and tomorrow to do it and whether you're registered or not please don't give me any crap about how all parties are the same and your vote can't make a difference; it bloody can! You can elect local council representatives and, at a national level ,given the tightness of the polls, the votes cast as well as the seats won wll count towards the legitimacy of each party. Vote for whoever you like best, whoever you hate least, whoever will think will represent your constituency just get out there and vote!

And if you do have a party preference join the ground game and help to get the vote out. If turnout is low at this most vital of elections it will be a travesty of democracy.


And on that note I shall go and clean all of the things!

Happy Saturday

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